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Creating a Micro Plot for Hunting

Creating small food plots in secluded locations is a very good way to concentrate deer traffic along existing travel corridors. We often incorporate these 'micro plots' (as they're sometimes called) into our habitat management plans and create them in strategic locations. The right locations will, at a minimum, have these four characteristics: 1) positioned along a preferred deer travel route; 2) suitable soils for growing quality forage; 3) good topography ; and, 4) stealthy ingress/egress for the hunter. Topography is where a lot of people go wrong. The micro plot should have minimal slope, but be properly graded so that it does drain without puddling. Many times, if the soils are capable of hold water, we shape the ground to shed water into a water hole we dig off to one side of the plot. This makes the plot even more attractive to deer and will increase the duration of time they spend at this pit stop, which equates to better shot opportunities for the hunter and more/better quality trail camera images at this surveillance point.

When all of these elements come together, it's a beautiful thing! A well planned out and properly made micro plot will be a highly effective hunting set for many years to come, with minimal maintenance. They can be cleaned up, amendments applied, and reseeded in a short time to be made ready prior to each hunting season. Creating these plots can be done in pretty short order at relatively low expense to the landowner, when you hire a company with the right skills and equipment.

Several of our clients scored on mature bucks this past hunting season, over micro plots we installed for them, last year. Contact us if you're ready to take your hunting success to a new level with the right land and habitat improvements, this year!

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