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In my 20 years of hunting and managing whitetail deer on our family farm I’ve never come across anyone as knowledgeable on how to improve the property not only for better hunting, but also for a better deer herd. We had been somewhat frustrated with some projects on our farm where the deer weren’t responding as we’d hoped. But, with Chase’s input on some minor adjustments to the implementation of these projects, we’ve seen the success that we always felt our property could offer. It doesn’t matter if it’s TSI, designing better food plots, improving native browse, creating bedding areas, native grasses, whatever – Chase has knowledge and experience that you can count on.”

Todd Anderson


Milan, IL

"Chase Burns is quickly making a name for himself as a top wildlife and habitat manager. His experiences working with the QDMA, The Management Advantage and Wired To Hunt have demonstrated his expertise in the field and a strong ability to communicate on the subjects of land management and hunting topics as well. Chase is exactly the kind of guy I'd like to have helping me manage a hunting property or to spend a day at deer camp with."


Mark Kenyon

CEO & Founder - Wired To Hunt

Grand Rapids, MI

"Chase Burns with Dogwood Land Management is one of the best land managers that I have worked with over the last 15 years. I have been thoroughly impressed with Chase's knowledge and experience. His expertise in working with native forages, as well as in forestry, food plot management, trapping, and especially native warm season grasses, is a cut above most in the land management industry. In addition, Chase is also one of the most respectful people I have ever met in my life and an absolute pleasure to be around. His love for conservation, wildlife, family, and the land shines through with every word he speaks."

Darren Boudreaux

Owner - Premier Wildlife Consulting

New Roads, LA

"Total Deer Management is synonomous with Dogwood Land Management, in my opinion. Whether it's conducting Timber Stand Improvment, or helping clients achieve their QDM goals on their property, Chase and the DLM team have the skills,  the knowledge and the passion to get the results you want.  You'll do well to have them as your guide in your pursuit of quality whitetails."


Erich Long

Owner - Drumming Log Wildlife Management

Dresden, OH

"Chase combines the traits and experience that make him an excellent choice for meeting your wildlife property and property management needs. He possesses the highest degree of integrity and the ability 

to leverage an incredible work ethic into successful, high quality deliveries for his clients.  In addition to his personal traits, Chase has long and strong experience in integrating an owner’s individual goals with sound management practice to create high quality wildlife habitat.  Chase is definitely the first call I make if I’m looking to buy or sell a piece of high quality wildlife property or additional assistance with planning and implementing improved management practices on my property.


Steve Nunley


Hinsdale, IL

"I had Chase come out to a private hunting farm that I manage to consult with me on habitat improvement for deer, turkey and upland birds.  I was impressed with the amount of knowledge he has to do exactly what it is I wanted to do.  I had used other higher-profile biologists and got a lot of information that has worked for some of their past clients, but it  wasn't specific enough  for what I was trying to do on this farm.  Chase spent time with me on the phone and was very prepared when we did our walk through.  Cant say enough about his professionalism and follow through as well as his amount of knowledge of habitat and how to structure it!"


Chad Johnson

Farm Manager - The Outdoor Group

Abingdon, IL

 "My wife and I purchased our property 4 yrs ago. Since that time, we have been looking for someone to help us take it to it's full potential. After meeting Chase, we knew we had found that person. His knowledge of land management, and wildlife, is second to none!! After our initial meeting, I have contacted Chase multiple times, with questions about things we had discussed, as well as things I decided I wanted to do. He has always responded within a short time, with the answers I needed. When picking a land manager, you need someone who will be there for you, from day 1 and beyond! Chase is that person!!! I would HIGHLY recommend Chase, and his crew, to anyone who owns land. From 20 acres to 2,000 acres, Dogwood Land Management is THE source for all your land management needs!!!!"


William Burk


Summums, IL

 "Dogwood Land Management developed beautiful, workable management plans for both of my small properties in central Illinois. I have had fun planting food plots and encouraging native cover to hold deer on my hunting ground. Chase even formatted my plans to qualify for the Illinois Conservation Stewardship Program! Chase has remained available and helpful, always willing to answer questions. I would recommend his company for land and habitat management or habitat design consulting without reservation!"


Jeffrey Hallett


Mahomet, IL

 "I had one of the most enlightening and educational days on deer habitat imaginable. I learned more from spending a day afield with Chase and Sam from Dogwood Land Management than I could spending 5+ years reading books, blogs/forums and watching videos. Their knowledge of native habitat and the function it plays in architecting a premier hunting property is unparalleled. They uncovered some strategies that will exponentially increase our herd health, carrying capacity and ultimately our hunting success. I cannot wait to execute their designs on my property. Well done, gents! So deeply appreciated!"


Andy Pettit


Louisiana, MO

 "I hired Dogwood to come out and do a consultation on my property. Although I've had success shooting nice bucks and longbeards I just didn't think that the place was at its max potential for either hunting or overall wildlife habitat. Plus, I knew little about how to correctly conduct TSI. I couldn't be happier with my choice! I can't explain how much I learned from Chase and Sam. They were patient, thorough, and communicated very effectively on a wide array of topics. I truly believe I just exponentially improved my property plans and cut several years off the timeline to get it where it should be. Words can't explain my gratitude and excitement for the coming days, months, and years! Thanks guys!"


Matt Faber


Spring Valley, IL

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