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(ALT="Implementing Forest Management Plans")
Forest Management

The process of managing timber to meet the ultimate goals of a landowner can sometimes be complicated.  It takes a thorough understanding of species succession and regeneration, as well as a working knowledge of the potential timber value and wildlife value of each species being managed.  We skillfully employ a number of forest management techniques and practices, including: crop tree release, select cuts, invasive removal, hinge cutting, forestry mulching, edge feathering, selective herbicide applications, prescribed burning, and tree planting.

(ALT-"Let Us Write Your Habitat Plan")
Habitat Design Consultations

Before the work begins, we have to have the right plan! We listen carefully to the landowners' goals and spend a generous amount of time assessing the conditions on each property. Giving our clients a "field education" on such things as ecology, species succession and identification, as well as deer biology and behavior. Typically, each consultation is accompanied by a habitat design map, and written management plan that will serve as the manual for our clients to begin making their own premier property. Contact us, today, for information on consultation fees and scheduling.

(ALT="Prairie Grass Establishment")
Native Warm Season Grasses

To hold pheasants, quail, and mature bucks on your property, there's no substitute for warm season grasses. We are experienced with the establishment and maintenance of hundreds of acres in a wide variety of mixed and pure stands, of many different species. We know "prairie grass", and we take the necessary actions to give our clients the best possible stand on each chosen site.

(ALT="Establishment and Maitenance of Food Plots")

We produce a wide variety of highly palatable, nutritious forages on most of the properties we manage, for both year-round nutrition and hunting season attraction. We generate a custom layout for each hunting property that takes all surrounding habitat features and food sources into consideration, and optimizes the hunting potential on our clients' land. Often, we clear brush and timber to create new plot locations, or screen off sections of larger fields to dramatically increase daytime usage. Properties with the right combination of security cover and groceries have what we call "holding power". Those properties yield results!

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