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We're not just hunters...  We're not just habitat managers...  

We are land stewards.


Dogwood Land Management offers a broad range of skilled services that will take your hunting land to the next level.  In short, we make premier properties and we don't cut corners. Because it's worth doing, we do it right. We deliver results.

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Trail Camera Monitoring

Our team routinely performs the trail camera monitoring tasks on our comprehensive management properties. Sounds like an easy task, to most veteran hunters. But, what surprises most of our clients is how many animals they were missing and how much more effective we are at collecting the data that matters, than when they had been doing it on their own. We compile images and catalog them for future reference, and create shareable folders for easy reference by our clients. Save yourself the time, and have it done right by the professionals.

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Predator Trapping

Coyotes are the leading predator of whitetails in the midwest, throughout the year. Though we are prevented by regulation from trapping during the fawning season, in Illinois, we can trap just prior to the harshest time of year, when losses of mature animals are at the highest rate all year, and stress reduction is hugely beneficial to keeping on good body weights on your animals, and holding more deer on your property. Dogwood partners with some of the best coyote trappers in the country, to bring unparalleled skill to the predator problem on our clients land.

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