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Water - every living creature needs it, and so does every great hunting property.  The importance of year-round water sources cannot be under stated, when it comes to managing for wildlife.  Small, isolated waterholes, constructed in strategic locations, receive plenty of daytime wildlife use and more sizable ponds can provide fishing and waterfowl hunting opportunities, as well.  Let us build water holes that will add to the holding power of your farm.

Herbicide Application

Custom herbicide application is an essential step in prepping sites for the establishment of native grasses, tree plantings, food plots, and many other land management projects.  We have the tools and knowledge to make efficient work of prepping your small project sites, and we work with many local applicators to contract the herbicide application we prescribe, where the acreage is sufficient to warrant the use of agricultural equipment.

Water Hole 
(ALT-"Fire containment is crucial")
Cabin & Building

Our extensive background in construction and contracting makes us uniquely qualified to plan and manage the construction of your cabin or building project. We work with the best contractors, to ensure that our clients' expectations are exceeded. For most absentee landowners, living hours away from their land, there's an overwhelming fear that they won't find a trustworthy general contractor to see the project through the way they'd like. Our comprehensive management clients rest easy, when we are managing their project.

(ALT="Establishment and Maitenance of Food Plots")
Skidsteer Work

With the right attachments to tackle a wide range of jobs, there's not much we can't do with the Bobcat! From clearing brush, grade work, spreading rock, digging creek crossings, removing trees and roots to make new food plots, to planting container-grown trees, and setting posts for new entry gates, we use the track loader to make short work of all kinds of tough tasks. With the extra-wide rubber tracks, this machine has high flotation and can get to places other machines would easily get buried in mud trying to access. And it won't rut up the trails or the jobsite in the process. 

Land Clearing & Reclaimation

Prepping sites for building construction, clearing major trail systems, or pond/lake construction, takes skilled operators and heavy equipment. Even smaller projects, like clearing cedars and locust trees from abandoned pasture ground, or opening up a secluded food plot in the timber, can often be done more efficiently with larger machines. We execute the work, or coordinate and supervise - depending upon the scope of the project, and carefully monitor and track progress to ensure timely and cost effective completion.

Trail & Plot 

There's nothing glamorous about mowing,  and it's a dirty and time consuming job that many landowners just don't have the time for. We don't mind it a bit. Many of our best plans come to us while riding in the seat of a tractor! We mow to control weeds and woody invasion in food plots and on the access trails of many of the properties we manage.

(ALT-"Fire containment is crucial")

Prescribed fire can be intimidating to some landowners and managers.  But, with expertly installed firebreaks, fires can be safely contained. We use high quality mixes of clovers, chicory and other perennial forages to maximize 'bugging' habitat for turkey poults, and quail and pheasant chicks, while adding a bit more nutrition for whitetails to the property.

Fire Break
Wildlife Fruit Orchards

You can have a good hunting property without an orchard, but having a productive orchard can set your property apart from anything else in the surrounding area.  We use rootstocks and cultivars specifically chosen for their disease and drought resistance, pollination and fruit drop timing, their attractiveness and their high rate of production, and take the time to establish them correctly.  The results are worth the effort!  A productive orchard is a deer magnet, and the ultimate perennial food plot.

Brush Clearing

Overgrown fields, old logging decks and abandoned pastures have a way of growing up with thick undesirable trees, weeds and shrubs that need to be shredded before the next step of wildlife habitat enhancement can begin.  We can turn that vegetation into mulch piles and make the site ready for planting or seeding in short order.  Our machine, with wide rubber tracks, allows us to do the work of heavier machinery without the issues of soil compaction and disturbance that can result in unwanted erosion issues.  

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