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Work Worth Doing

Building habitat and managing farms is hard work, but it's also extremely rewarding. Teddy Roosevelt said that, "Far and away the best prize life offers is working hard at work worth doing.". What we do, through Dogwood Land Management, is more than habitat work and more than consulting. We are land stewards. What we do is work worth doing, and it truly is a great gift to be the ones entrusted to do it on our clients' properties.

About a year and half ago, I was working my tail off - showing farms, planting fall food plots for a couple of land sales clients, and installing fire breaks on our home farm. A good friend of mine - Casey Shoopman, said he'd like to come visit and shoot some video while we were working. It was the first time he'd been to my farm, so I gave him the tour and we talked about the projects we'd been doing. We got a lot done in a couple days, and that video became a whole new adventure for us with The Management Advantage.

Since that time, we've done a lot of work together, trapped a lot of coyotes, filmed a few hunts, and spent a lot of quality time talking about QDM, property management, building our companies, and more important things - like family. The team behind TMA is the driving force, and the inspiration they provide each other with is what sustains the show. We're a tight knit group, almost like a family. The Management Advantage is an educational platform that allows myself, and the professional team of others like me, who work the land, manipulate ecotypes, and improve the quality of wildlife habitat on the lands we work. We pride ourselves in offering good content that folks can learn from, and implement that knowledge to have a positive impact of their own. This blog is a more personal viewpoint of the work that Dogwood Land Management is doing (though occasionally TMA content may be shared, here).

Fast forward to today as we proudly launch the website for Dogwood Land Management - a business that has essentially built itself out demand from land sales clients of mine. Many landowners work very hard, and save for a long time, to finally have their piece of earth to mold and make improvements on. They want the best out of it, but aren't sure how to achieve that, or don't have the time necessary to do the work, themselves. In the beginning, I thought of it as giving the best customer service I could to land sales clients; going the extra mile. But, the work continued long after the sale in most cases, and a new type of relationship was forged. An additional level of trust was realized. And a business was born from it.

Thanks for following our journey, as we do work worth doing!

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