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“Chase is the ultimate land management resource. His knowledge of different land uses, ecosystems, and wildlife habitat demands is extensive and necessary in meeting on site goals. Couple this with his expertise and experience in implementing various management practices and goals on site, and Chase is your ‘one-stop shop.’ He is capable of professionally addressing any land management issue or public outreach question.”

Ryan Arch 

Resource Conservationist - SWCD

Kewanee, IL

Since purchasing my property in 2011, I have used Chase as a habitat resource more times than I can count. Over those years one thing has become clear and that is his passion and love for habitat management. Chase is "THE" guy I call when I have a question about habitat management. From TSI, to weed control in NWSG plantings, his knowledge never ceases to amaze me. I am confident in saying Chase will put as much hard work and dedication into your property as his own. If my land were in his 'land management territory', I would have zero reservations about handing over the keys to my farm and letting Dogwood Land Management drive."

Joel Tucker


Carlyle, IL

I have relied on Chase's advice and direction on my small properties going on a few years now. For small landowners like myself, every acre counts, and maximizing what I own is very important to me. Getting advice from a professional is time and money ahead, and I consider Chase an incredible resource.

Willie Urish


Colchester, IL

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